LOLROFLW00T (beeny316) wrote,

oh jeez

everything has been great lately.  im happy about were i am right now in my life.  ive been hanging out with good friends lately and i like it.  ive been working and swimming and chillin.  brennans awesome.  hes just great.  i dont have the words to say how awesome he is.  he makes me feel really good about my self.  its a nice feeling for a change.  

i plan on soon getting a trampoline for our new backyard!!!!  ive always wanted a trampoline!! 

me, brennan, adam and marrissa are all planning a trip to nyc.  jennie may be coming too.  we looked into taking a train or a bus, but its way too expensive.  were just going to take my cute little car down.  the next snag is where were going to stay.  we were going to stay with our friend brandi, but her bf's family is coming down the same weekend and itll be crowded.  im looking into possibly asking my friend doug if we can stay there for a day or two.  were going to go to red bamboo and hopefully all of the consignment shops again.  

oh life is grand!!  i might be quiting pizza hut and get a job waitressing were i can get some real tips.  im sick of making under minimum wage.  i need money!!!  i have made a list of things i want right now:

-to get my car detailed.  inside and out
-to pay off all of my credit cards
-buy new clothes.  for work and outside of works
-buy many pairs of shoes!!
-go on a really good vacation far away.  one that requires taking a plane

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Sounds like a good list :)