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[Sun x Jun x 07 x 09 x 9:48pm]
I cant believe i fell for it again. 

I really feel stupid.

I got no call.

I got no message.

I waited for hours.

wow... [Fri x Oct x 24 x 08 x 1:10pm]
last night
with tears in his eyes
he told me he was in love with me....

...i cant explain it
but its feels so good to hear again
especially from him

[Tue x Sep x 09 x 08 x 5:25pm]
i have a new boyfriend.  his name is bryan.  i thought i wasnt ready for a new boyfriend.  he completely swept me off my feet.  hes not like any other guy ive ever dated.  he makes me so happy.  i feel good about this one.  : )
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[Wed x Aug x 06 x 08 x 7:29pm]
Last night I
Said too much
But you’re still here
So I’m doing something right
So can I
Make this up to you somehow

This time I
Made a mistake
But I’m man enough
To admit I’m wrong
This time

With loaded eyes
Baby you look beautiful tonight
Don’t gamble with my heart

Have you learned anything about me?
You can see it in my eyes
I’d be better off alone (better off alone)
I’ll get over this
Just give it time
You know I’ll come back to you
I’ll always come back to you

I’ve been dying to tell you
I’ve been you’res since day one

If distance makes the heart grow stronger
You’ll never lose me when I’m gone

I hate it when this home becomes a heartache
Will loaded eyes baby you look beautiful tonight
I’ll come back to you

i cant believe its taken me this long to understand... [Wed x Aug x 06 x 08 x 8:42am]
 ...everything happens for a reason.  
god has a plan.  
i need to stop worrying about what i can do to make things better.  
theyll work out.  
i need to believe.

another love [Mon x Aug x 04 x 08 x 4:10pm]
Why do your eyes paralyze me
What makes me feel this way
Just carry me away with silence and heartbeats
As rapid thinking about your embrace
and how it makes me feel
I just want to feel this way forever
Sleep on portraits painted as perfect as you
Why have I been given the chance to fly
When I'm not with you I feel lesser alone
I remember your face  imprinted on angels
Your voice as beautiful as the sounds of waves
crashing against my heart
Time slows down when you look at me
I'm infatuated with this infatuated with you
It's so hard for me to understand why
I hadn't found you before don't dull away
hold my hand 

You Come Into My House, While I Sleep? [Thu x Jul x 31 x 08 x 12:22pm]
sleep now, but remember to wake up.
 up wake up wake up and remember.
Live clean and breathe free.
The day is just a time to sleep with the lights on.

Ringing, the door is opening.
The kite just spreads it's wings and surrounds us.

Just dream and let me,
Let me guide you through to the other hillside.

Come on, get a grip and close your eyes with me. A story's not a story 'til you've made it up, you see?

You can't start changing minds until you've changed your own.

So c'mon and change with me.

oh how i love this band

i had a wrench, and i hit him [Mon x Jul x 28 x 08 x 7:28pm]
When you unveil your teeth,
You happen to unsheathe
the sword that punctures my side.

Cause we all know
that it's all just a show
to feel better about yourself when I return the favor.

[Mon x Jul x 28 x 08 x 1:51am]
you made the responsible choice....

wow... [Thu x Jul x 17 x 08 x 10:20am]
its been a long time.  a lot has changed.  i work a ton.  i try to go out with friends.  im always busy.  i have fun.  im constatntly tired.  even after a full nights sleep.  thats about it. 

[Sun x May x 04 x 08 x 11:23pm]
Today was my 22nd birthday.  god do i feel old, and yet so unaccomplished. 

i thought i knew what i wanted for my life.  i now realize i have no idea.
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[Mon x Dec x 10 x 07 x 7:07pm]
i have found a strength i didnt know i had
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I GOT A NEW JOB!! [Mon x Oct x 29 x 07 x 3:01pm]

as of monday november 5th i will be working at travelers insurance company downtown!!!  i believe itll be 10x better than my currant job and i get an awesome pay increase.  i also have good beneftis and i get more paid days off in a year.  ill be doing nothing but customer service.  NO MORE SALES!!!  i hate sales!!!  im so happy.  i cant believe that a year ago now i was working at little caesars and thinking id never go anywhere with my life.  im so happy for myself.  and it feels good that i did this all by myself.  i went to the comprehensive test and i went through the 4 hour interview.  oh what  a happy day.  as soon as i get some bills paid im moving out on my own! 


[Tue x Sep x 25 x 07 x 1:43pm]
 i dont know what to do

oh jeez [Thu x Aug x 09 x 07 x 9:32am]

everything has been great lately.  im happy about were i am right now in my life.  ive been hanging out with good friends lately and i like it.  ive been working and swimming and chillin.  brennans awesome.  hes just great.  i dont have the words to say how awesome he is.  he makes me feel really good about my self.  its a nice feeling for a change.  

i plan on soon getting a trampoline for our new backyard!!!!  ive always wanted a trampoline!! 

me, brennan, adam and marrissa are all planning a trip to nyc.  jennie may be coming too.  we looked into taking a train or a bus, but its way too expensive.  were just going to take my cute little car down.  the next snag is where were going to stay.  we were going to stay with our friend brandi, but her bf's family is coming down the same weekend and itll be crowded.  im looking into possibly asking my friend doug if we can stay there for a day or two.  were going to go to red bamboo and hopefully all of the consignment shops again.  

oh life is grand!!  i might be quiting pizza hut and get a job waitressing were i can get some real tips.  im sick of making under minimum wage.  i need money!!!  i have made a list of things i want right now:

-to get my car detailed.  inside and out
-to pay off all of my credit cards
-buy new clothes.  for work and outside of works
-buy many pairs of shoes!!
-go on a really good vacation far away.  one that requires taking a plane

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